Is it time for an upgrade?

When I say upgrade I mean upgrade to a new house. House value in the Omaha area is at an all time high. Maybe it is time to turn that value into a down payment on the next place you will hang your hat. If your family is busting at the seams in your current home then there has never been a better time to find a bigger home. Maybe all of your children have grown and you are looking to place a rocking chair on the porch and watch the sunset. With the equity you have worked so hard for in your house and the current market value, you could do just that! I bet you might even want to have a home that is designed just for you, where everything is brand new and shiny, and you know you won't have to fix anything for a good while, then there are builders lining up to take your order!

Whatever your case may be, it is a great time in the market to sell your existing home and get a sale price that will benefit your new adventure. With spring just around the corner you could just about get your home on the market and sold before the daffodils bloom!

Contact me for further if you are interested in a home market evaluation to see where your house stands!

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