Simplest tip to maintaining curb appeal

In the midst of the steaming hot summer the hope of rain is on everyone's mind. However, mother nature has her own agenda, and pride's herself on proving meteorologists wrong. Mid summer in Nebraska it is possible that the grass is beginning to yellow, and the flowers are beginning to wilt a little while the summer sky fills with large grey clouds but never releases one drop. To get to the point, the best way to maintain your home's curb appeal is to make sure your yard and landscaping has the water it needs.

In this region the best and most efficient time to water your lawn is between 4-10 AM. The length of time to water will depend on your soil type. The water needs to reach 5 inches deep in the soil. 30 minutes a day twice a week should be sufficient as long as your soil isn't extremely dry. You want to make sure that you are not over watering your lawn, because that can cause fungus and mold to develop.

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